Being new to the ranks of “authors,” I’m learning all the time. Sometimes this strikes me as funny, since one of the reasons I retired from the military was because I was tired of learning a new job every year or so.  But one of my recent lessons in writing has been the cooperation I’ve witnessed among writers versus the competition so prevalent among competitors in other professions and venues.

Writers truly seem to want to help each other. My foray into writing came to fruition due to just such encouragement. A stranger I met in Las Barrilles, Mexico, gave me the advice one of his writing mentors provided him: “Just write.”

I was fortunate to have come across a website which provided many of the tools, and positive support, to get started – And I’ve since been lucky enough to join groups of other writers in forums such as and to follow many writing blogs of interest. Maybe the formula is simple in that writers like to write, so it reasons there would be much out there in the written word…but there’s probably more to it than that.

I compete in horse shows, and at my level, the competition is friendly, not fierce. Fellow competitors are cordial, but it is not the same as in the writing field. Writers WANT their competitors to succeed and gladly share lessons learned. They WANT to see others do well. It could be because the “prizes” for the reading competition are so varied, or that writers know they are not all competing for the same market.  Whatever the motivations, I, for one, have found it exhilarating to be among a group of people cheering each other on in pursuit of similar goals.

Thank you, old true friends, and new virtual friends, for the support. And for those of you still thinking about it: “Just write.”


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