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The Book Trailer….

The excitement, the suspense….okay, maybe only for me, but Believing In Horses actually went to print yesterday. Here is the “book trailer,” and I’ll tell you more about the music next blog…more suspense!

Click below — the music alone will excite you.¬†ūüôā

Believing In Horses Book Trailer

The Art of Photography

Lucky Southern Maryland Horse Association Show 2010

I appreciate the art of photography, which is one of the reasons¬†I chose this form of “illustration” for¬† my novel, Believing In Horses. Besides the fact that the story is modern and photographic images are intertwined in the plot, I truly¬†value¬†what it takes to capture a good photograph. I studied photography in high school, college, and at the Defense Information School and understand the supposed qualities of good pictures. I¬†also know¬†that I can’t take a good picture to save my life, which¬†may¬†help explain why¬†I appreciate the art form so much.I love the picture here, whether it follows all the conventions of the “rule of thirds,” contrast, or not.

This picture, to me, tells a story. The position of the horse’s head, the slightly tattered barn door, the garment bag peeking out from behind the last ribbons — they all tell us something about that exact moment in time. I happen to know the story, which makes it easier, but I would hope that even the casual observer could view this photo and feel like it meant something. [Read more…]