Fun First Events

Since the official release of Believing In Horses on March 21st, I discovered that book events are fun.  My clever and talented brother developed a talk show format for presentations in schools, “Books Alive with Reed Moore,” which gets kids participating and interested in the subject.  Reed Moore (also known as the Believing In Horses EdUCator) made the kids laugh, think, and unable to wait to ask questions.  Even those who appeared disinterested at first couldn’t help but be motivated by Reed Moore’s energy!  Tremendous audiences at Harmony Hills Elementary School, Silver Spring, MD, and Tracey’s Elementary School, Tracy’s Landing, MD, read aloud, played along with the activities, and asked thoughtful questions.  Parents and teachers groaned at some of the campy jokes, but something in common happened across the rooms no matter the age:  sparks.

Eddy Ormond and Valerie Ormond at Books Alive with Reed Moore

Eddy Ormond (left) and Valerie Ormond speak to students at Tracey’s Elementary School as part of the “Books Alive with Reed Moore” Tour.

Author Kathi Appelt, mentioned in my last blog, recommends writing like your fingers are “on fire.”  Author Valerie Sherwood encourages writing about what genuinely interests you so words “catch fire” with readers.  I’m sure if I searched, I’d find many other fiery writing quotes, but I think you get the point.  However, I discovered it is one thing to hear and read others’ advice, and quite another to see that sparkle in people’s eyes in person when a book comes alive. 

Not all events have been formal presentations, but all presented different forms of fun.  My first official book signing took place at Loftmar Stables, the backdrop of much of the story.  Some of the fun in this event included the overwhelming support of local barn friends, hugs from the age group for whom I wrote the book, and a small party.  Lucky, Billy, and Chance, three of the book’s equine stars, posed for pictures, to include photo opportunities with first-time visitors to the farm.  Fortunately, Lucky didn’t eat the buttons off of anyone’s shirt that day, probably thanks to 2 ½-year-old Braden entertaining him.  Thank you, Martins, for hosting this event at a place so dear to me.

In case you can’t tell, I’m fired up from the fun.  Thank you to all who participated in lighting these “campfires,” and I look forward to a warm and bright future.

Photo courtesy of Diane Coelho, Tracey’s Elementary School.



  1. You make this look like fun; something I haven’t come to terms with.
    Could you check the link for Reed Moore’s Books Alive site. I wasn’t working just now.

    • Thank you, Rhama, and appreciate the note on the link. I’m fixing it now. Here’s the link that will get you to the right page for now, see sample program under School Visits on this page. I’m lucky I have people who help me make these events fun. Good luck to you!