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I last posted about “Keeping It Real” in writing and mentioned how some people responded to my book, Believing In Horses, turning fiction into reality. Last week, some local children made a significant donation to local rescues in their “Kids Can Do BIG Things, Too!” campaign. Please welcome my guest blogger, Kristy Alvarez, founder of Desire Ministries and the leader of this campaign, who tells the story in her words. 

As many of you know, or may not know, through Desire Ministries, we have been running an after-school Horse Club program since 2006.  We meet with the students of Cornerstone Christian Academy on a weekly basis so that the students who participate can learn the basics of horseback riding and horsemanship at Loftmar Stables in Bowie, Md.

For this current Horse Club year, we decided to integrate reading Believing in Horses written by my good friend, Valerie Ormond, into the Horse Club sessions. The students have loved reading this incredible book, and it has been so great that they have been able to meet some of the horse characters in the book, meet the author, see where the book takes place, and be inspired by the main character, in the book, Sadie.

You see, in Believing in Horses, Sadie makes it her mission to do something big to help horses. (You will have to read the book to see what Sadie’s big thing is. Wink! wink!) The children in Horse Club were so inspired by Sadie that they wanted to do something big too!  One of the club members stated that she couldn’t believe that kids could do such big things until she saw Sadie doing such a big thing.  So for the first time since we have been running Horse Club, the club members decided that they wanted to raise money to give to Freedom Hill Horse Rescue, Thoroughbred Placement and Resources (two of the organizations that help horses in the book) and Desire Ministries (Our rescued horse, Occhi, pictured above, is in the book too).

I am so proud of the kids in Horse Club for wanting to do something to help horses, and I am so happy to announce that the kids were able to raise $375 for rescue horses!!!

And I know that THEY hope that their actions will inspire others to do big things, too – especially other kids.

Thank you, Kristy, Desire Ministries, and amazing Horse Club kids!  For more information on a Desire project, please see the 45 second video here.

If anyone has their own “real good story” to share, please leave a comment….


  1. Thank you, Tina, and happy to share. Sometimes we don’t hear enough about the kids doing good out there. Best to you.

  2. That is so cool! I love hearing how reading books is changing people’s lives! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! I love horses so much and it is wonderful to hear about this fantastic program.