What Are Your Chances of Being an Olympian?

An equestrian enthusiast and fan of this blog, Jenn Bohman, sent me this graphic I’m about to share with you. Jenn thought you, my readers, particularly the equestrians in the crowd, might be interested.  I hope you are, and if you normally visit my blog to read about writing, well, take a break from writing and catch some Olympic spirit in the final days.

I, like many, have been caught up in serious Olympic fever over these past few weeks. I get so emotional watching athletes in all sports compete like they never have before to proudly represent their countries. So many highlights, and such class, demonstrated over and over again by both rookie and seasoned athletes. I get very emotional, cry a lot, and stay up way past my bedtime. But have you ever wondered what the odds for an athlete to actually reach the Olympic Games?

On the College Finder blog, Brittany Behrman said, “Check out how great (or small!) a chance each type of young athlete has of earning a spot on the United States Olympic team. Along with natural ability and determined training, these stats show the chances U.S. high school-aged athletes have of getting to the Summer Olympic Games in hopes of bringing home the gold!” (Note:  you will NOT be taken to another site if you click the image for a better view.)

I found it fascinating that a man’s best odds for getting to the games was as an EQUESTRIAN, at 1 in 67. Even the women’s odds weren’t that bad at 1 in 198. When I consider about that many female equestrians compete in local shows around here on a given Saturday, that would mean that at least one of those girls I’m casually watching should be trotting all the way to the Olympics.

I know, statistics, statistics…just try to enjoy it.  And what do you think of these odds?