Horses and Writers

Valerie Ormond and Color Me Lucky - a writer and a horse with much in common

Valerie Ormond consults her horse, Color Me Lucky, on the similarity between horses and writers.

I spend the majority of my time riding horses or writing stories.  Since I know so many equine authors, it dawned on me there might be some kind of connection between horses and writers.  In honor of World Animal Day, here’s a few ways I considered that horses are like writers (or writers are like horses):

  1.  Horses know riders get better with more time in the saddle; writers know writers get better with more time in the chair.
  2.  Not all horses ride the same; not all writers think the same.
  3.  Horses flee; writers procrastinate.
  4.  Horses mirror the soul; writers mirror the soul.
  5.  Horses CAN be led to water; writers CAN be led to write.
  6.  Any horse may kick or bite; any writer may have a bad day.
  7.  Horses love a simple carrot; writers love simple praise.
  8.  Horses are curious; writers are inquisitive.
  9.  Horses want attention; writers want readers.
  10.  And finally, horses make the world a better place….need I say more?

Please visit my fellow bloggers on this blog hop.  And, share your ideas on what horses (or other animals) have in common with writers.  Happy trails, and happy World Animal Day!


  1. Great post – and so true!!

  2. I used to ride as a child, but now only on holiday. I really should get back in the saddle. We do meet up with the outriders from the local riding school most days, when on our dog walk. Such gentle beasts x.

  3. What a fun post!

    I haven’t been horseback riding in so long… must find a friend with horses 🙂

  4. I love horses! They are such graceful creatures. I never had one of my own, but my mother would share stories with me about the horses she had as a teen. I’ve only rode them a few times, but I enjoyed it!

  5. Great post Valerie.

    I love the many connections you have made between horses and writers. I hadn’t considered many of them before.

    Thank you for taking part in the blog hop 🙂

  6. So true! Must be why I like horses so much! 🙂

  7. “Horses flee; writers procrastinate” you are definitely on to something there…

    • Well, I was at least speaking for myself. I think both fleeing and procrastinating are reactions to not knowing exactly what to do.