Making a Difference, One Horse, or Human, at a Time

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Making a Difference

One horse, or human, at a time

By Valerie Ormond

Have you ever heard the starfish story? Here is the version I know best:

A young boy on the beach is throwing starfish into the ocean.

An old man asks him, “Why are you doing that?”

The boy answers, “Because if I don’t, they will die.”

The old man responds, “But, young man, do you realize how many starfish there are on the beach? You can’t possibly make a difference!”

The boy paused, and threw another starfish into the ocean. “It will make a difference for that one.”

People often ask me why I wrote the book Believing In Horses, and I believe the starfish story helps illustrate the point. I wanted to make a difference. I hoped to create awareness for the unwanted horse issue, encourage people to believe in themselves and their causes, and recognize hardworking individuals in the horse saving business. If I was going to write a book, I wanted it to serve a special purpose.

Horses and horse people inspired me to write. Being a horse lover for as long as I can remember, I wanted to share that love of those incredible animals with others, many who may only know horses through words. Amazed at the tenacity, hard work, and determination of horse people, I knew a horse-girl would readily take on a challenging mission of saving ten horses, even if that character was only 12-years old. Older horse girls, and guys, and those supporting them, showed me the extreme compassion, dedication, and commitment involved for successful horse rescue operations today. Real horses and real people, unfortunately not all good, created the story.

Did my writing serve its purpose? I can’t answer that for certain. But, since the book’s publication, local, national, and international media wrote or produced stories on the book, sharing the plight of rescue horses further than imagined. Local student groups held fundraisers and awareness campaigns, instilling in themselves a confidence in their abilities to affect causes and raising money for local rescues. People volunteered to help horse rescue organizations. My own barn even fostered and re-homed several horses from local rescues. And horse savers, although never seeking the attention, appreciated the fact that people cared about their efforts.

Do I believe I can save the world with my one little horse story?  No, but I can hope that, like the boy on the beach and the starfish, the book will make a difference in the lives of horses and humans, one at a time.

Do you want to, or have you made a difference?  Would love to hear your story here.


  1. You are most welcome…and I look forward to reading YOUR book someday. I know you have much to share.

  2. Thanks for writing such a super inspiring article Valerie! –Angelea