One of my virtual friends, Charlie Bray, began a new series featuring one-liners from novels.

I’m pleased to announce that Charlie chose a one-liner from “Believing In Horses” as one of the top ten in the first collection.

“Ten pairs of eyes in various stages of fear, desperation, and sadness, all watching Sadie, seemingly pleading for her to do something”



I don’t know Charlie personally, but via the worldwide web.  He works tirelessly to help independent and aspiring authors through efforts such as this.  He has a huge following…just check out the blogroll.

But I found Charlie’s contest fun for more reasons than the win.  You see, I had to pick the one-liner to enter.  For you writers out there…what line would you choose from your novel, story, or work in progress?  Try it…it won’t be as easy as you think.


  1. Lovely, generous blog – I’m subscribing after posting this comment. And I like the challenge at the end. Now, I’ll have to go and have a think about one liners.

    • Thank you, JG – I hope you enjoy the challenge, and feel free to post your one liner here as well as submitting it to Charlie Bray’s ongoing contest. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I like the way this site is clean and sharp. Best of luck to you