Fun With Freedom U.S.A. Tour


Billy meets Freedom at Loftmar Stables, Bowie, Md.

Sometimes we just have to have fun. Last week, all the way from Vancouver, Canada, Freedom the “Spokes-character” for Voice For The Horse Foundation Children’s International Writing Competition made his first U.S. stop in Bowie, Md. I’ve been fortunate to work as a volunteer helping coordinate the Voice For The Horse annual writing competition for the past three years and serving as a judge.

I had the honor of being the first to host Freedom Flat Stanley to help promote the horse-themed children’s writing competition. We began the tour at Loftmar Stables ,where our Maryland horses welcomed him.

The subject of this year’s writing competition is War Horses, and as a Navy veteran myself, I knew some special local stops we had to hit. Sergeant Reckless and FreedomLast month, the National Museum of the United States Marine Corps in Virginia dedicated a life-size bronze statue in honor of Staff Sergeant Reckless, an Arab mare who served with the United States Marine Corps in the Korean War. I took Freedom to the museum to recognize this war horse. Staff Sergeant Reckless’s statue states in one battle alone, she made 51 round-trips delivering over 9,000 pounds of ammunition, and walking over 35 miles in tough terrain while under enemy fire. I hope Freedom’s photo with this heroine will inspire children to learn more about war horses.


DSC01496And to share more information about our nation’s war horses, I introduced Freedom to the 3rd U.S. Infantry Regiment’s Caisson Platoon horses at Fort Myer, Va., some of the last war horses on duty today.  According to the U.S. Army, “The Caisson horses participate in all Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps Full Honors Funerals performed in Arlington National Cemetery. These magnificent animals serve with the men of the Caisson Platoon daily to ensure final honors are given in a dignified, professional, and respectful manner; and they love their job.”

Since last year’s writing competition subject was Rescue Horses, Freedom and I visited Freedom Hill Horse Rescue in nearby Calvert County, too. Freedom Hill welcomed the Canadian from Voice For The Horse to the rescue which shares his name. Freedom visits Freedom Hill Horse Rescue

Yvonne Allen, Director and Founder of Voice For The Horse, explained, “Freedom will be on tour in the U.S.A., Canada, and Great Britain promoting the 3rd Annual Voice For The Horse Foundation Children’s International Writing Competition 2013. This is a free learning writing experience for children. Freedom will be on tour until April 30th, 2014, the closing date of this year’s competition.”

It was a great week for me to tour Freedom around my town and have a little fun with the whole writing career. If anyone knows young folks interested in participating in the writing competition please see and


  1. Hi Valerie! Wow, Freedom has had quite a journey with you. I love how you managed to visit different relevant historical sites with him and can’t wait to introduce him to a few ‘horsey’ places in Oregon!

  2. We really enjoyed meeting Freedom Flat Stanley and wish him the best on his continued USA tour! And best wishes to all the children submitting their work to the Voice For The Horse writing competition!


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