Brave HEART – Horses Helping Military

BraveHEART_CoverI recently had the opportunity to work with the Brave HEART program on several writing projects. Brave HEART (Heroes Equine Adventure & Riding Therapy) “provides an environment where Veterans, military members, and their families come together to facilitate healing and strengthen relationships through equine interaction and outdoor activities.” A 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the Brave HEART program supports those who have served, or still serve, at the peaceful Larkspur Lane Farm setting in Hagerstown, Maryland.

While speaking with the founder and Executive Director, Laura Lane-Unsworth, we determined one of the Brave HEART projects would be a tri-fold brochure to help inform people about Brave HEART’s work. Laura was most helpful in getting me the top five points to get across, testimonials, and a general feel for the tone of the brochure. I put together the words and then enlisted the help of my talented graphic designer friend, Brittany Klein of Radiant Resolution, LLC, to display the information in a far more pleasing manner than I could. I am not a graphic designer – at all – and know the value good graphic designers bring to any visual project.

In the end, here is a snapshot of the final product. It was a real pleasure working with such a fine team and helping support such a worthy cause.

Brave HEART_Brochure

If anyone is in the neighborhood, stop by the Maryland State Fair at Timonium Fairgrounds and visit Brave HEART at the Horses Healing Maryland Military’s Military Riding Showcase on Friday, Sep. 2, 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. And while you are there, you can even pick up a brochure to learn more about Brave HEART.


  1. There is something about horses that can really heal a person. I swear they know our souls somehow.