Psychological Benefits of Writing

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What comes to your mind when you hear the word “writer?” Many of us are used to thinking of a strange hermit with randomly scattered sheets of paper bent over a table selflessly working on the next great novel.

But “writer” and “writing” have different meanings. To write means to express thoughts on paper, and that makes almost all of us writers – even if we do not have the gift of writing.

Entrepreneurs have the following thoughts on materializing their thoughts on paper:

  • Warren Buffett, one of the world’s largest investors, claims writing is the main way of improving his mind.
  • Richard Branson, British entrepreneur and founder of the Virgin Group once said: “My most important property is a standard school notebook.”

Writing is a way of thinking, self-expression, and creativity. But what are some reasons non-professional writers should take on writing as a habit?

#1 Creates Happiness

Research proves the positive benefits of expressing thoughts and feelings on paper. For example, studies have shown that writing self-goals contributes to self-motivation.

Blogging as a form of self-expression also has a certain therapeutic effect. It helps to improve mood and well-being. Studies also suggest people become happier and healthier if describing their dreams and plans for the future.

#2 Relieves Stress

For many, describing stressful situations in writing helps people better understand the situation for themselves, and then help share those thoughts with others. Writing and blogging also is said to increase resistance to stress.

#3 Expresses Thoughts Clearly

Sometimes when speaking out loud, people can’t come up with the right words at the right time. Writing can allow you to collect those thoughts before speaking them out loud.

#4 M(Source: Sharp Mental Abilities

Writing is gymnastics for the mind, and like exercise, it keeps individuals in good shape mentally, regardless of age.

#5 Records Memories

Instead of trying to remember everything, it helps to keep track of what is most important. So just write down what you need to remember now, and don’t worry about the details – you can fill those in later.

#6 Represents YOU to the Whole World

Today, you can share your thoughts with thousands of readers in seconds. And the impact of your words on so many is amazing.

Based on the above, we can safely say that writing helps the mental and emotional state of a person. So if you have already decided to try writing, let me offer some final advice:

  • Find information on your chosen topic and study it, focusing on the most important points.
  • Summarize the essence of your topic and choose your words carefully to express the right meaning.
  • Start small, and before you know it, you will be writing more and enjoying the psychological benefits of writing!

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