Taking Chances

AIE_VeteranWritingServices (1)It’s been three years since a Navy friend asked me if I was interested in applying for the Veteran Women Igniting the Spirit of Entrepreneurship (V-WISE) program.  At the time I thought:

“Entrepreneur? Doesn’t that mean someone who wants to get rich?”

Fortunately, I learned through the program that the true meaning of entrepreneurship was not about getting rich, but about taking chances. I embarked on my entrepreneurial path and officially launched my business, Veteran Writing Services, LLC in March 2014.VWISE_Proud_Graduate_Logo-JPEG

I consider January a good time to reflect, and I count my blessings as I look back to some of my business highlights in 2016. Veteran Writing Services:

  • Earned a spot as a subcontractor to Kforce Government Solutions (KGS) on the $22.3 billion Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Transformation Twenty-One Total Technology Next Generation (T4NG) contract.
  • Received Acquisition International Influential Businesswoman Awards for Most Outstanding Writing and Editing Consultancy in Prince George’s County and Most Outstanding Local Businesswoman, Prince George’s County.
  • Continued good partnerships and met new, exciting clients and business friends.
  • Shared lessons learned on the VA’s Center for Verification and Evaluation (CVE) process with fellow Veteran business owners through Maryland’s Procurement Technical Assistance Program.
  • Enjoyed press coverage through the local Bowie-Blade News which led to additional business.
  • Celebrated recognition in its book division by inclusion in the Equus Film Festival’s Literary Collection, and attendance at the Calvert County Local Authors Festival and Freedom Hill Horse Rescue’s award-winning Pony Palooza event.
  • Won a Maryland Horse Industry Board grant to distribute “Believing In Horses, Too” to all county libraries in the state.
  • And so much more….VeteranWritingServices - Copy

Yes, I took chances. Rather than starting a second career in an established job with a predictable income, I took a chance. It started with a hobby book – “Believing In Horses” – and then led to more. To me, entrepreneurship has opened the door to new opportunities I would never have considered. It has provided a wonderful way to learn, grow, and help share lessons learned.

I look forward to the future and thank all those out there who have helped turn the chances I’ve taken into a successful new adventure. Here’s to 2017!


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