Tracking Your Time

OfficeTimeAs a small business owner, I look for ways to be more efficient. I tried several time tracking applications until I found the right fit: OfficeTime. I wanted to share this gem, since it’s been eye opening and has assisted me in getting a good picture of where I really spend my time. It provides an accurate, unbiased view, includes great features, and best of all, it is easy to use.

I use my app on my PC because that is where I do most of my business, but OfficeTime is available for use on Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. The company offers a free trial, and the app takes about a minute to download. A quick two minute tutorial gets you started.

Top reasons I like this app:

  • Multiple projects – If you are like me, you are working more than one project at a time, and OfficeTime allows you to quickly move time tracking from one project to the next.
  • Invoices – You can export files and reports in many formats (Excel or other) and create your own custom templates to suit your needs, or your clients’ needs.
  • Visual Picture – A simple pie chart with associated percentages (as shown above) shows you which projects consume most of your time.
  • Affordable – At this time, the one-time cost is $47, with no monthly fees.
  • Honest – One of my favorite features is that OfficeTime keeps track of when you are “away,” or not using the keyboard. Therefore, when you walk away to do something and you come back, the following screen appears to remind you that what you have been doing may not be associated with the project you are timing.


So, whether you are working billable hours, writing for pleasure, supporting non-profits, tracking your exercise program, all of the above, or simply want to see how you are using your valuable time, I highly recommend OfficeTime. It’s helped me be more productive with my 1440 minutes a day, and who doesn’t need more time?