One Thing I Know for Sure About Writing Is…

               Image courtesy of Kaboompics

One thing I know for sure about writing is it offers us a snapshot of our life at a certain time that can never be taken away from us once we have committed our thoughts in writing.
I look back at my writing over the years, and it is such a window into who I was or what I was thinking at the time. From poems as a child, through papers in college, to current-day blog posts, they all provide a glimpse into where I was at that particular moment. Our memories serve us well about events, but never as well as how we convey our feelings through the written word.
And I’m not just talking about memoir-type writing, I mean all writing. Chosen topics and word choices speak volumes. The passion with which we treat subjects can remind us of emotions long forgotten. By reading old letters, we can revisit with loved ones who may now be gone. Through reading our stories we can see how we ourselves experienced pain, joy, and excitement, even if presented through another’s eyes.
Writing helps us realize how much we have grown, both as individuals, and as writers. Sometimes I hate to write. But when I look back, I’m always glad I took the time, even if I am the only one who ever reads that writing. I know that no other activity allows us to travel back in time and reflect on thoughts that may help prepare us for the future.

(This was a writing prompt from the Accokeek Women’s Writing Group…try it, it’s fun.)