A Tribute to My Dog, Amos

I lost my dog, my kind, sweet soul, Amos, last month. It shook me how hard I took it. A wonderful mix of loving Labrador retriever and laid-back bloodhound, he was the perfect dog companion. Rescued from a situation where he had been chained outside, he found a better life and lived to the age of 15. I have so many fond memories of him.His Gallop. While my other dogs would race toward squirrels or to chase the horses, Amos would move in slow motion, almost at a canter. We would call it his “gallop,” and he galloped to the end. He never minded being last; he just wanted to be part of the team.
My Office Mate. Amos was my shadow. From the moment he arrived, he attached himself to me. Any time I was in my office, he was next to me, as close as he could get without being run over by my chair wheels. When I was stressed, a quick scratch on his head would make everything better.
The Woo. He had a deep, low bark that sounded like “woo.” My neighbor across the street said it was because he ran out of energy before the “f” in woof. He used his woo to protect us from cars and strangers, and he took his job seriously.
His Place in the Grass. Amos dug a spot in front of our house in the grass that he adopted as his. We fought with him over it for some time, and then let him have it. I’m glad we did. The grass will grow back, and it was more important that he had a happy place while here.
The Walks. Amos’ tail wagged from side to side from start to finish on his walks. His mouth hung open in a smile in his way of saying “thank you.” We had the joy of taking him to the beach for his first time, and it was like watching a child experience a first wave. One of my fondest memories was in his last few weeks, although very weak, he jumped way up into the truck because the door was open. He still wanted to go for a walk.
The Swim. Amos kept our dog sitters on their toes. One of our dog sitters found Amos leisurely swimming laps in our pool one day and told us this while we were traveling. We were surprised, since he had never done that before. When we later saw him miss a step and fall in the pool, we realized his leisurely swim that day was in survival mode. Thank goodness our friend found him at the right time!
Trust. Amos learned to trust us. He hated storms and came to me for comfort. I remember the joy I felt when he finally would let me pet him on the head without shying away.

We all miss him, including his dog companions. I was overwhelmed by the compassion of friends and family who reached out, knowing how I felt. My dear friend, Denise, had such thoughtful words.
“Well, I just wanted you to know that I was thinking of you (and still have been). It’s a tremendous loss, and there are people who don’t understand the depth of our pain. The reason we have heartbreaking grief boils down to one word…LOVE!”

So, in tribute, thank you, Amos, for sharing your life and love with us, and we will meet you again at the Rainbow Bridge. And I promise – lots of walks.


  1. Beautiful words and memories. I hope Amos has linked up with my old Lab Missy – they would be good friends. Hugs and a head scratch to Amos.

  2. Sharing your grief, have lost much loved pets too.
    Native Americans have a saying “All our pets will be waiting for us when we die. They decide whether or not we get into heaven, depending on how we treated them in life.” You are assured a special place. Amos now lives in your heart and is hard at work finding another baby who needs your love. ❤

    • Oh, Annie – what a wonderful saying. I will remember it and share it with others. Thank you for your kind words and thoughts.

  3. Kelly Synnott Says:

    You have such beautiful words about sweet Amos. I feel your loss! Give your other pups snuggles for me, please.

  4. Nina DuFour Says:

    Beautiful memories of a wonderful friend, sorry to hear about your loss Val.

  5. Onyx Danois Says:

    Wonderful tibute to a great friend! I missed him when he left us in Florence, but I knew Amos would be a great addition to your household. Thank you for sharing this!

    • Thank you, Onyx, for your comment – yes, Amos was a great friend and companion to all of us. You are most welcome.

  6. Flo Ormond Says:

    Dear Valerie, this is a beautiful tribute to a dog deeply loved. I know truly in my heart that Amos feels your love across that colorful bridge as another gentle pat on his head. Our animals are much more than pets. They are part of our family,

  7. StephJaMus McNav Says:

    Well we just sat here and cried. Thank you for writing this. It’s beautiful and so, so accurate. I remember when Brad picked him out and I was so unsure, but he was just the best. He was so special, our little Eeyore who never begged for love or pets, but patiently waited always. I LOVED his gallop and his leaps. We were so thankful when you all were able to take him. We knew he would have a loving, fun home. Miss you all. Thank you.

    From James: Thank you for sending this to us Lita.
    From Seamus: I miss Amos and I love him. I hope I get to see him again in heaven and I hope I’m not allergic to him.

    • Thank you, Stephanie, and I hope they were happy tears, and I appreciate you sharing your memories, too! I had forgotten about “Eeyore,” but remember now how true that is. Miss you all, too.
      James – You are so welcome, and I’m sure Amos would have wanted you to have it.
      Seamus – I know you love and miss him, and you WILL see him again.
      Thank you, everyone, for your contributions.