Your Amazon Author Central Page

I’m surprised by the number of authors who do NOT have or do not know about Amazon Author Central Pages. And as a reader, I enjoy these pages finding out more about the people who have penned the books I’m about to invest hours of my life in.

Authors benefit from an Amazon Author Central Page in many ways:
1. It’s free
2. You reach your target audience because Amazon is a place readers shop
3. The page allows you to showcase all your published work across genres in one place, including books to which you have been a contributing author
4. You have an opportunity to promote your blog
5. It is very easy to set up and update

Here is an example of my Amazon Author Page – not that it’s the best, but an idea:

Since Nate Hoffeneider at The Digital Reader did such a great job explaining the process, I recommend you see his post, How to Set Up Your Amazon Author Profile.

In case that wasn’t enough, see these tips from Written Word Media: The Complete Guide to Making a Great Author Page with Amazon Author Central.

And now that you’ve developed your amazing Amazon Author Central Page, here are some ideas to help you make it sing. And yes, I do know some points overlap, but this is free advice!

Good luck!

Note: Update on the latest Amazon Author portal from Nate here: Amazon Launches New Author Portal – by Nate Hoffelder… | Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog (

~Valerie Ormond