So Proudly We Hailed – Opportunity


I received an email from the Executive Director of New Musicals Inc. yesterday. He asked me if I could help get the word out to veterans who have stories to tell, or writers and composers who might want to be involved in adapting stories for a musical webseries. The So Proudly We Hailed event’s tagline is “a musical webseries honoring veterans in their own words.” I wanted to share this unique opportunity with you. I also found the New Musicals Inc. organization interesting and would have never known about them had they not reached out to me.

Here are the details on their Call for Submissions from their website’s submissions page at

Call for Submissions

We are looking for:

  • Veterans with compelling personal stories to tell. This will be a devised writing process, so no pressure. If you can tell it, we can write it.
  • Scriptwriters/lyricists to adapt the stories into musical episodes.
  • Composers to create songs and tracks for the episodes.


Twelve finalists will be announced. Four to six honorees’ stories will be workshopped and filmed as musical video shorts. Each honoree will receive $1,000.

Each composer/lyricist/book writer will receive a one time royalty of $250. Composers will receive a one time arranging fee of $150.  Copyright will remain with the authors; you will own your work.

Each story will be no more than 10 minutes long. These will be filmed as singular, one person, pieces.

We will register the piece through the Screen Actors Guild New Media Agreement. New Musicals Inc. will develop and produce each episode.

This project is hosted by New Musicals Inc., This activity is supported in part by the California Arts Council, a state agency. Learn more at

What to submit

Composers/lyricists/book writers, please submit:

  1. Brief bio (50-100 words)
  2. Links to at least two samples of your writing
  3. Vision statement (100-300 words): Tell us why this project appeals to you. Do you have a history or affinity with veterans? What’s your background in writing internet scripts/songs?
  4. We will ask composers about their ability to create a track for the episode (optional).

Veterans, please submit:

  1. Brief description of your story (100-200 words). This can be fairly casual prose…a synopsis or an outline would work. You can be from any section of the armed forces, in any nation.
  2. A video or audio telling of the story. Don’t worry about the quality of recording. A phone is fine.
  3. Brief biography of your personal history (100-200 words).
  4. Vision statement. (100-200 words) Why do you want to tell this story? Who should hear your story?
  5. We’ll also ask you whether you would like us to consider you to be your own script writer or composer.

Good luck!


Carly Kade Creative

I had a chance to visit in person with Carly Kade during the American Horse Publications 2018 Conference, and I don’t think I know of anyone with a more appropriate business name than “Carly Kade Creative.” She does it all – writes, creates videos, does graphic design, takes photographs, and has amazing marketing talent.

I first met Carly virtually when I featured her post on book reviews, which then led me to learn more about her award-winning equine romance novels. Here is my review of her first book, In the Reins. [Read more…]

Horses on the Move – Go, Fight, Win!

Today I’m sharing a video from my wildly talented friend and graphic artist, Brittany Klein. I’ve hired Brittany’s  business, Radiant Resolution, LLC, for a variety of projects, and I highly recommend her services. Brittany also happens to be a horse girl, and my husband, Jaime Navarro’s, teammate for their hunter pace team – Go, Fight, Win (GFW)! Nina DuFour completes the trio. Nina contributed GoPro footage also and  fun commentary in the outtakes. I enjoy being their groom and participating in their adventures. I think you’ll see why!

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Enjoy the Magic Equestrian Moments of 2017

Relive the wonderful equestrian moments of 2017 through these photos and videos of horses in freedom, training, competition, and in their natural habitat. Thank you to Arnd Bronkhorst Photography for this beautiful gift to share with Believing In Horses blog readers.

Watch the video here:

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Tips for Writing a Book

I hope you enjoy this video and interview as much as I did. Carrie Green, Founder and Director of the Female Entrepreneur Association International, generously allowed me to share this with my readers because so many people tell me they are overwhelmed with the prospect of writing a book.

Please watch this short video if you’d like to see the process broken down into four easy steps – no strings attached! Morgan Gist MacDonald makes it seem so easy and manageable that I may just write another book. 

Here is the full blog post with additional details and a giveaway, too.

I hope these talented entrepreneurs inspire at least one person out there to start writing a book – now go do it!

Learning Something New Every Day

Being Secretary of the Maryland Horse Council is not always that secretarial. Take for instance, this past weekend’s Maryland Horse Council Annual Barbeque, when I had the opportunity to play polo on the Maryland Horse Council Executive Committee’s team.

Valerie Ormond (left), Grace Fulton (center), and Jaime Navarro (right). Photo by Sue O'Donnell.

Valerie Ormond (left), Grace Fulton (center), and Jaime Navarro (right). Photos and videos by Sue O’Donnell.

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