Kids Are Heroes

It’s Kids Are Heroes Week, and October 23rd is Kids Are Heroes Day.  When I found out about this, it reminded me of one of the reasons I wrote Believing In Horses.  Sometimes it seems people are so focused on the negative, they fail to see the positive.   So many of our youth are actively involved in trying to help today; at Freedom Hills Horse Rescue’s last fundraiser, young girls were selling food rather than riding horses – talk about commitment!  A colleague recently told me about her daughter’s efforts to try and save a local park.  If you take a moment and click on the Kids Are Heroes web site, you’ll be overwhelmed by just a few of the incredible projects kids take on these days — all positive.

A nine-year-old girl started Kids Are Heroes –talk about a hero.  One of the stories on the web site is about another young girl, Maria, who started “Read Indeed,” a literary organization in which Maria wishes to collect and distribute ONE MILLION books to needy kids by the time she is eighteen.  So far she has collected and distributed over 400,000 since early last year!  She’s helped kids locally and as far away as Africa, Costa Rica, and the Phillipines.  You go, Maria!  [Read more…]

A New Adventure

Greetings, all!  As some of you may be aware, I recently wrote my first novel, Believing In Horses, a story about a young girl committed to saving unwanted horses.  I’m fortunate to be working with a publisher, and anticipate publication in the next few months.  As a new author, and a new blogger, I look forward to finding out how much we all have in common.  Looking forward to the future and this new adventure….Sincerely, Valerie Ormond