Believing In Horses Out West

It’s official; I am well into writing my third book with a working title of Believing In Horses Out West. Young Sadie ventures to a Montana dude ranch to check on Sunny, the Palomino mare she rescued last year. But the family vacation takes a turn for the worse when Sadie unravels a mystery involving unsavory ranch hands putting Sunny and other horses in grave danger.

Why write about a ranch? Ranches are near and dear to my heart. The year my father died, I decided to do things I’d always wanted to do, like visiting a dude ranch. I signed up for the Hooves of History Cattle Drive that included a week-long trip at Homeplace Ranch with a three-day cattle drive in the middle. I traveled by myself to Alberta, Canada, and fell in love with the ranch lifestyle. It would not be my last ranch trip.

Two years later as I drove myself across the county to my new duty station in San Diego, I stopped at several ranches along the way. It was at the Circle Bar Ranch in Utica, Montana, that I decided to buy my own horse when I arrived in California. I had put off having horses in my life for too long, and the ranch brought me back to my senses and the realization that if I waited for the perfect time to have a horse again, it might never happen.

I met my husband after that trip, and we’ve since enjoyed trekking around the globe and experienced one of the most spectacular trips of a lifetime, the Red Rock Ride. We made friendships that have lasted for years, and much of the scenery is still captured in my mind.

I want to share the information I have in my personal database about those experiences. Ranches are not all about riding; they are about a lifestyle. It’s about hospitality, enjoying the outdoors, meeting new people, and living the cowboy and cowgirl life for a brief moment in time.

I hope I can inspire readers to sit back and enjoy the ride. My goal is to paint pictures with words that help people escape and get a glimpse into another world they may not have seen. And just maybe, a reader or two may be motivated to take a chance and decide to believe in horses out west one day, too. The journey begins….