Believing In Horses

The Believing In Horses Series

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Award-Winning Young Adult Series

The Believing In Horses books recognize today’s youth want to be part of the solution to today’s problems and celebrate this notion through their central character’s involvement with horses. Using a blend of current technology with intrigue, suspense, and realistic life lessons, these books are a must read for the young and the young at heart.

The latest from award-winning author Valerie Ormond!

Believing In Horses Out West

“A thrilling coming-of-age story filled with love, lessons, and finding one’s purpose in life….” Robin Hutton, New York Times Bestselling Author of Sgt. Reckless: America’s War Horse

Enjoy multiple-award winning author Valerie Ormond’s third novel with an adventurous ride packed with family fun, friendship, horsemanship, and mystery.

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Sadie Navarro rescued a mare from an auction accomplishing what she thought was the most important mission of her young life.

Now, that mare is headed to a ranch in Montana and a home Sadie knows nothing about.

She wants to make sure the horse is in good hands, but Montana is far away and a different world from Maryland.

Will fourteen-year-old Sadie need to stand up to rugged cowboys to protect her special rescue horse?


Believing In Horses

Horse crazy Sadie moves for the sixth time to Bowie, Maryland, only to find out that her Navy dad is deploying to Afghanistan for a year. To ease the transition, Sadie’s parents reward her with her dream of a lifetime, her own horse. “Lucky,” her beautiful tri-color pinto, quickly becomes her best friend and equine learning partner.

Via the internet, Lucky and Sadie come across ten horses in a holding pen waiting to be sold at auction, and Sadie commits to saving them. Sadie’s efforts include proposals to horse rescues, grass roots lobbying, a media appearance, school help, and other efforts to try to accomplish her mission in a few short months.

Along the way, Sadie meets both good and bad people, and experiences joy, fear, disappointment, self-doubt, lost horses, and a level of responsibility she has never known before.

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Believing In Horses, Too

Sadie Navarro worries about her Navy father serving in Afghanistan. She turns to her love of horses to distract from her secret problems in her thirteenth year. Sadie commits to showing at the largest local horse shows and volunteering for therapeutic riding programs – both brand new to her. She looks forward to her new pursuits.

That is, until one of the therapeutic riding programs arranges for Sadie to assist wounded warriors. Now Sadie must face her deepest fears head on.

And then there’s the first horse show. Both the enormity of the event and her inexperienced horse rattle her. An unwelcome show ring rival makes matters even worse.

Sadie wants to make her father proud. She wants to help others. But where will she find the courage to overcome her fears?

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