Resources for Young Adult Writers

One of my fellow writers recently described the fascinating plot of her ongoing Young Adult (YA) novel in progress. She spoke about it in a writing group I’ve been a member of for years, so we know each other well. Our conversation went like this.

Me: “How old is your protagonist?”

Fellow Writer: “She’s in her thirties.”

Me: “For it to be considered a YA book, the protagonist needs to be young, like between 12 and 20.”

Fortunately, my friend was early in her writing process and adjusted the novel by our next meeting to ensure she followed the YA genre. She reported she was having fun writing with this new teenager as the main character. The girl had been a supporting character in the previous version, and the author got to know her better as she had more of a role and a voice in the book.

I’ve enjoyed YA since I read it as a pre-teen. However, I didn’t realize the YA genre “rules” until I became an author. I collected some resources to share with my friend, so I thought I would share them here.

Recommended References:

My favorite takeaway from these articles is this quote from The Atlantic article: “The defining characteristic of YA literature is emotional truth….” David Levithan. I hope these resources help those in their writing journeys.