Acknowlegdments (Or Why This is “About Us” and Not “About Me”)

I have to begin by thanking my wonderful husband, Jaime, for his positive support, encouragement, and persistent patience with me throughout this process. He never once questioned me; he believed in me. Everyone should be so lucky to have such strength in their lives.

My brother, Eddy, provided sound advice based on his many years of teaching experience and creativity, enriching my books from stories to what will hopefully be learning experiences. He developed the educational Discussion Guides/Activities on his own initiative, which then led to our creation of Teacher’s Tack for Believing In Horses – another great adventure!

I thank my mom, Flo, for her support, her editorial guidance, and for listening to me throughout this venture.

I thank the organizations Freedom Hill Horse Rescue and Thoroughbred Placement and Rescue, Incorporated which allowed me to visit and research to make realistic renditions of events in my first book. I was completely inspired by the volunteers who help keep horses from seeing fates they shouldn’t see. I also thank the dedicated people at the Caisson Platoon Equine Assisted Programs, Maryland Therapeutic Riding, and the SPIRIT Serving Veterans Program for working with me on my second book and sharing their valuable time and insights with me. A large thanks also goes to Loftmar Stables for too many reasons to list here.

I thank Martha Rhoades-Spivey, and her MRS Photography, LLC, for her spectacular photos, and Jaime, again, this time, for his photographic talent.

Finally, I thank my publisher, J.B. Max Publishing, for taking a chance on this unknown author – twice.


Valerie Ormond retired as a naval intelligence officer and now writes books and stories sharing lessons learned. One of her proudest achievements in her writing career was being presented the Military Writers Society of America President’s Award for 2019 for contributions to the organization and its goals. Her first novel, Believing In Horses, won the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) Gold Medal for Young Adult Books

the Gold Medal for Children’s Literature in the Stars and Flags Book Awards; the Parent Tested Parent Approved Best Product and Official Winners Seal of Approval; and additional awards and recognition. Her second novel, Believing In Horses, Too, also won a Gold Medal in the MWSA Book Awards; 1st Place in The Authors’ Zone Book Awards; Best Y.A. Fiction in the Stroud Arts Book Festival; Best Book in Juvenile Fiction in the Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards, and Best Veterans Fiction in the EQUUS Film and Arts Festival.

Valerie’s non-fiction stories have appeared in numerous books. She holds memberships in writing organizations including American Horse Publications, the Military Writers Society of America, and the Accokeek Women Writers Group.

In 2014, Valerie founded Veteran Writing Services, LLC, to provide writing services to business clients and encourage other veterans to write. She is a lifetime member of the Naval Intelligence Professionals and Disabled American Veterans, and served on the Board of Directors for the Southwest Veterans’ Business Resource Center, and the Board of Directors of the Military Writers Society of America. She owns and rides horses and served as Secretary of the Maryland Horse Council, an organization representing 35,000 horse people in her home state.

She lives in Maryland with her husband, Jaime Navarro, a retired Navy pilot and horseman. Jaime and Valerie enjoy the company of their wonderful families and friends, their three horses, and two dogs.